Day 232 – 365

 Day 232 – 365 / August 20th 2015

It’s been a little while sine our cemetery featured in a “365 Project” image.

I have bee intrigued by this grave for a little while. It is slightly shorter than the usual some of a grave and the brightly coloured decorations, the flowers, scarecrow and windmill, lend it a jolly appearance. Well, as jolly as a grave can be. Especially when you think that it is likely to be child’s grave due to the size and the additions.

I feel this grave is particularly poignant when you read the single name marked into the broken concrete slab; “KYLE”. This grave leaves me asking an array of questions::

Who was Kyle?

How old was he when he died?

When and how did he die?

Who mourns him and cares enough to place a jolly sunflower scarecrow to keep silent watch over him?

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