Day 231 – 365

Day 231 – 365 / August 19th 2015

Today I had a small graphic repair to complete at a local vehicle body shop where I often do work.

The bodyshop manager, Paul, is a rather nice chap and we often chat about football whilst I am on site. However, despite being a nice chap, Paul is deluded and is a Sheffield United fan.

If Paul is not in the office when  I pop in to o collect the paperwork for the work undertaken, I always remove the numberplate that is pinned to the wall behind his desk and turn it upside down before replacing it. Why? Well, the plate bears the legend “SUFC” (Sheffield United Football Club) and it is fun to do to irk Paul. Childish I know but Paul take sit in the friendly manner it is intended.

And, in response, Paul does things like this and prints messages that he places onto the vehicles I am there to work on.

It’s all good fun and rather enjoyable.

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