Day 108/365

Elphie The Mini Schnauzer Puppy peers through the bluebells and lavender to spy on me.

Day 107/365

VP under lights. Half time shenanigans during a match in which the players redeemed themselves a little following a terrible spell after Christmas which has seen us drop, stone like, from play-off contenders to mid-table under performers. Anyway, we won tonight. 3-1. Rather a surprise to all City fans.

Day 106/365

Sadly I am coming the end of this rather fine novel. I think it is among the best Charlie Parker tales that John Connolly has so far written and I now have a year, maybe more, to wait for the next instalment. Still, this most recent trip to Portland, Maine, has been a blast!

Day 105/365

A pleasant day with the weather today. We managed to spend some time on the patio and discuss the cruise we have booked. The plants seemed to approve of our decision.

Day 104/365

Sarah and I are pondering booking a cruise holiday. Sarah has been on several cruises so far and is due on another in a few weeks. I have never been on one and am a little reluctant unless the cruise is perfectly suited for me. The cruise we are thinking about is on the ship…

Day 103/365

While attending my fortnightly writing group at the new Halifax library, I was pleased to see a poster advertising an upcoming event with A.A. Dhand for which I already have tickets. Dhand is a local writer from Bradford who has, to date, written two novels about a Bradford detective named Harry Virdee. I have read…

Day 102/365

An intriguing label on a light switch at Wetherspoons in Bradford.

Day 101/365

What a delightful town Lytham is. We had travelled the 150 or so miles – return journey – to see our favourite author on the last stop of his tour for his newest novel, “The Woman In The Woods”. It was not the first time we have attended a book launch by Mr C but…

Day 100/365

Liam presented me with a tee shirt bearing the logo that I created for his country music radio station. It’s come out okay, hasn’t it? And his station, HotCountryHits, sounds great too. Try it.

Day 99/365

A trip to hospital to get my knees intimately sketched. Or something akin to that.

Day 98/365

My newly built potting bench is complete and some daffodils and new basil plants look happy enough on it.

Day 97/365

Enroute to Bethany and Liam’s to do some gardening involving timber sleepers and lawn shaping. And it’s the ideal weather for it.

Day 96/365

I had to attend the training ground where Bradford City train. And here I saw the youth team minibus which I lettered a few years ago. Still looks good.

Day 95/365

My daughter has asked me if I knew where they sold “chalky” paint the other day. It wasn’t something I had previously heard of yet, today, I found some.