Day 233 – 365

 Day 233 – 365 / August 21st 2015

Sausages and beans. One of my favourites!

This is a personal favourite of mine and, although I haven’t had it for a wee while, it is fabulous. All you need are some sausages and beans – you most likely realised that from the name “sausage and beans” I expect – and it doesn’t really matter what type of sausage or beans you use; they do not need to be the most expensive available. Any humble sausage or economy tin of beans will do. Obviously, with better quality ingredients the end result is improved but this doesn’t really need you to go overboard. As long as the sausages are reasonable quality, then you are fine to go.

If you have never tried fried baked beans then give this a go. They are delicious.

This is a fab quick meal.

Preparation time: 2 minutes


1 Fry sausages in a pan. Use small amount of oil; I use olive oil. Slowly fry the sausages.

2 Boil kettle.

3 Place tea bag into a mug.

4 When sausages are cooked, add whole can of beans to the pan.

5 Pour hot water onto tea bag and make cuppa.

6 Lightly butter two slices of white bread.

7 Fry beans until sauce becomes thick and bubbly.

8 Serve sausages and beans on a plate.

9 Eat.

10 Drink cuppa.

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