Day 227 – 365

 Day 227 – 365 / August 15th 2015

It’s always a special day when you attend the first home game of the season.

A chance to revisit your spiritual home and to soak in the ambience and vibe of the place that the close season deprives you off between early May and the start of August. You meet old friends again after the summer break, catch up with them and eagerly anticipated the match and season ahead. You give a cheery nod to faces you recognise after years of seeing them at the games; they are familiar faces yet you don’t know their names but, like all your home fans, they are kindred spirits.

The first match of the season is a special occasion for all football fans. Hope, dreams, expectations are high ad you’re giddy with the potential that is possible with the new additions to your team. Of course, this optimism is generally left like a flat birthday balloon as full time approaches and your team has stuttered and dragged themselves to a score draw. As we did today against newly promoted Shrewsbury Town.

Today’s “365” picture is of the front of “The Parader”, the match programme for todays’ game. It features the logo I designed for it.

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