Day 228 – 365

 Day 228 – 365 / August 16th 2015

We were pleased to be able to collect the scarves from the weavers in time for Saturday’s first home game of the season.

The folk who had kindly reserved the scarves and turned up to collect them seemed very pleased with them. That was especially gratifying as, with any project, you want to do the very best you can and, as our design was being woven in lambswool instead of tweed as with the caps, we were anxious as to how it would look. Thankfully, the pattern and yarns used came together very well. Everyone was pleased with them.

As an experiment, I had some of our prototype labels for Turnstylewear Limited, sewn onto my own scarf. Just to see how they would look should we decide to launch scarves for Turnstylewear.

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