Day 210 – 365

 Day 210 – 365 / July 29th 2015

I love this sign.

Today’s “365” image was taken at our little towns hardware store. Sarah and I call the store “Over t’Bridge”. It’s actually called “OddJobs” – a name that perfectly describes what it sells, yet Sarah and I always refer to it as “Over t’Bridge”. Why? Well, a canal and river run through Brighouse and two bridges traverse these waterways. The shop in question is situated just at the start of one of these bridges, hence the name we call it by. Technically, as we live on the same side of the canal as the shop is located, it isn’t actually “over” the bridge from our point of view. But, you get the idea.

The store is one of a dying breed in the world of retail today; you can be sure it will have pretty much any type of screw, screwdriver, adhesive, bulbs, knives, small lengths of timber, rope and many other varieties of whatnots that you may need for a DIY task. I pop in there often for all manner of things; today I bought a box of ½” screws, a box of 3/4″ screws, two drill bits and a box of 100 black screw caps and collars – all for a sign fixing job that I was doing in the afternoon.

The staff are great too. They will help you to get just the right tool or item for the task in hand and they are knowledgeable and friendly. A proper store.

The sign, handwritten on a piece of cardboard – these folk are doing me out of a trade by making their own signs! – hangs above the counter. I especially like the fact the sign was originally written in pencil before it was gone over in a bolder marker pen yet, despite this, a typo was made.

It’s a fab sign. Plus, shop local and support your local independent shop keepers. If you dot use ’em, you’ll loose ’em. And our towns will be a poorer place as a result.

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