Day 211 – 365

 Day 211 – 365 / July 30th 2015

I have spent the past few days and evenings putting together a “photo book” of our recent vacation to America. Theses the image as, after many hours of designing, editing, tweaking and sorting through nearly 1,100 photos that we took, I eventually uploaded the finished article.

I quite enjoy taking pictures. I’m not brilliant at it but I enjoy it and have the benefit of a rather decent 35mm digital SLR nikon camera. So, after taking lots of photographs with it and on my iPhone, I decide dat it was s shame to leave them on my Mac and phone and not to view them in a conventional manner.

After a disastrous few days designing my photo book online with PhotoBox – where I had done almost 60 pages only to discover just 5 had saved – I decided to use as they had software I could download and design the whole thing on my Mac before uploading it to them.

So, 78pages later, it has been sent totem and I eagerly await the book being sent back to me.

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