Day 180 – 365

Day 180 – 365 / June 29th 2015

Out hotel for the next few days, The Chicago Hilton, is rather swish. Today’s image is of a very nice sign sited at the top of a wide, sweeping staircase from the lobby that leads to, you’ve guessed it, the Grand Ballroom. I looked in vain for a sign advertising the Shabby Ballroom. Couldn’t find it.

Opened in 1927, it was originally named The Stevens Hotel and was the largest in the world at that time with over 3,000 bedrooms. Today it has fewer guest rooms but still maintains a great deal of splendour and charm despite its size and the great number of guests, conventions and meeting held there during our stay.

We upgraded, for an additional $20 per night, so we could enjoy a view over the lake rather than of the rear of the building. Well worth the extra cost.

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