Day 181 – 365

Day 181 – 365 / June 30th 2015

We look happy, don’t we?

Well, Sarah looks happy; whereas I look slightly sinister. A tad like Dick Dastardly from the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon “Wacky Races”. Quite a nice look, actually. Well, I think so.

Anyway, here we are in Chicago and posing in front of “Cloud Gate”, know locally as “The Bean” in Millennium Park (named for the turn of the century but actually opened in 2004 due to delays). The Bean is a rather splendid art installation designed by Anish Kapoor and is, bean shaped (duh!) and highly polished so it reflects the Chicago skyline.

The park and the displays, floral, architectural and artistic that are located within it make this a sensational and beautiful city. Chicago is impressive. Very impressive indeed.

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