Day 178 – 365


Day 178 – 365 / June 27th 2015

Football fans all over will recognise this day as one of the highlights of their year; the day that you collect your season ticket for the forthcoming season is a joy. And for the away shirt to be launched on the same day just doubles your hysteria.

As last, after spending your hard earned cash, you now have that precious piece of paper / plastic in your eager hands. The ticket to 23 games of professional league football at your home stadium. It’s your Willy Wonka passport to an autumn, winter and spring full of hopes, dreams, over reaching excitement and crushing despair. Your gateway to nights spent freezing on the terraces as your heroes play exciting, free flowing football, passing their way through and around their opponents with ease, your players choosing, almost at will, their moment to smash the ball past the bewildered goalkeeper.

Or, something like that.

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