Day 177 – 365


Day 177 – 365 / June 26th 2015

My team is Bradford City. I think everyone who knows me knows that. If they don’t then they haven’t been taking an awful lot of interest in me have they?

What folk may not know is that City have for several years now offered the lowest cost of season tickets to watch professional football in the UK. Our low prices have seen our crowds rise over recent years and, last season (2014-2015) we had around 12,500 season ticket holders. An incredible number for a League 1 club. League 1 in old money is Division Three, that is the third tier of professional football.

The club’s policy has paid dividends as the increased fan base and crowds have resulted in the match day at Valley Parade being, quite frankly, astonishing. Almost constant singing from the stands for the duration of each match, defeaning roars as our boys enter the field, have contributed to on field success as Phil Parkinson and his players have helped to overturn the fall through the leagues since we graced the Premiership. One promotion, two Wembley’s, a fabulous cup run and a tantalisingly close finish to last years play-offs are proof of the desire for football that is untapped in Bradford.

So, our board decided to run another low cost season ticket deal for the coming season. Did they decide to stay with the, already lowest adult price in English football of £199? No. They went for £149 across the board for adults, students and seniors. To publicise this they went on a promotion blitz and the hashtag of “#onefournine”was prominent.

Even Elphie The Mini Schnauzer Puppy lent a hand.

Was it successful? Yes. When the promotion ended, our season tickets sales for 2015-2016 stood at 18,021. A figure that has reverberated around English football. The fans have backed the club in numbers, the atmosphere next season at Valley Parade will be amazing. Hopefully, the boys on the pitch can do their part to make it memorable.

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