Day 159 – 365

 Day 159 – 365 / June 8th 2015

This is not my usual attire. I’m sure many of you will be shocked to see me in firstly, a tee-shirt and, secondly, a sleeveless tee-shirt. Not withstanding the fact that the tee-shirt is covered in paint.

I have been decorating and these are my decorating clothes. Even I would look daft – dapper and natty but still daft – in a shirt, tie and waistcoat while kneeling on the floor and glossing the skirting boards.

But, the main purpose of today’s image is to show of my recent tattoo. As you’d expect, it is in black and grey with the, quite bold, addition of claret and amber. This is the start of the sleeve for my left arm and will be continued with various passport style stamps that I am currently designing. Each stamp will show my favourite foreign destinations and the dates I visited them. So, as I get old and infirm and my memory goes, I will be able to recall where I’ve been.

This initial part of the sleeve carries the phrase “You’re My Shotgun Rider” – from a song by Tim McGraw, one of my favourite US country music stars. This song describes my feelings for my wife; she is the only one for me. Period. Try listening to McGraw’s latest album, “Sundown Heaven Town” – it really is fabulous and may change your views of what country music is like.

“Shotgun Rider” sits on top of a claret and amber design to represent my team, Bradford City.  The small stamp says “SLD 143 BKAD” and carries the initials of my wife and daughter.

“143” is a long held family side that simply means “I Love You”….I (1)…. 4 (Love)….3 (You).

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