Day 160 – 365


Day 160 – 365 / June 9th 2015

Books. I love them.

This is our one of two old bookcases that I have repainted over the past week ahead of finishing redecorating our dining room. Now, freshly adorned in a subtle, metallic gold coat of paint (three coats, actually, plus varnish) they are in their new home. Sarah and I have spent the evening putting everything back and making the dining room look splendid.

This bookcase has the books that I have most enjoyed recently. Namely, the first two by Tina Seskis and Fredrick Backman – Tina’s book are great, do give them a go. “Fishbowl” is another fab read as is the terrific “Freedom’s Child” by Jax Miller.

Trust me, you’ll not be disappointed in any of these.

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