Day 157 – 365

 Day 157 – 365 / June 6th 2015

Two of my loves are the subject of today’s image.

I love reading and here is the latest of my TBR pile – To Be Read – of books. That’s one of my loves. The other is Rupert Bear. As a child he was my favourite. I got the annuals each year for Christmas and enjoy the animated adventures that were shown on TV. I still receive a copy each year and have a set of original annuals going back to 1967 and have several reproduction copies for earlier, 1930’s and 1940’s editions.

In recent years I have acquired the little chaps seen above. They sit proudly atop my bedroom bookcase. Rupert gives me fond memories of childhood, of a simpler less frenetic time of boyhood free from worries and angst. And, Rupert and his chums are rather pleasant folk with manners and values that are sadly often missing in today’s world.

Rupert is fab.

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