Day 31 – 365

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Day 31 – 365 / January 31st 2015

Fresh from my beloved Bradford City’s glorious and majestic performance on the Stamford Bridge pitch of Chelsea last Saturday, we played at our home, Valley Parade, this afternoon.

Our previous few home games had been played on a pitch that looked heavy and muddy in certain areas. However, when I entered the stadium today I was appalled at the condition the pitch was in. Utterly shocking, it resembled a field used to graze cattle on or, maybe, heavy haulage had been driven over it.

As a club and team, City hope to achieve promotion to the Championship this season. We have quality players capable of getting the ball down and passing our way through teams to score goals and win games. These players are gelling effectively as a team and performances are good. However, we are reduced to an average side when having to play on what us, currently, a ploughed field.

And that may scupper our hopes of success.

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