LR#23: “The Iron Necklace” by Giles Waterfield

23-GilesWaterfieldRegrettably…well, that’s never a good word to start any statement with, is it? But, regrettably, this book became the third in an unwelcome hat-trick of books that I didn’t get on with. Following on from “Orkney Twilight” and “A Place Called Winter”, I was fearing the worst as I began this book.

I wanted to enjoy it, as the synopsis offered great promise and I was interested in the period of history that the tale covers, yet, like the previous two books, I found it difficult to get to grips with. Probably my fault, but I was quite confused by the many characters that crop up early on in this novel and lost track of who was who.

Also, there seemed to be quite a lot of pages where nothing happened and, consequently, the book failed to grab me. So, reluctantly, I cast this to one side in search of a tale that would get me over my recent poor track record.


My Rating: 1.0* out of 5.0*


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