Day 14 – 365


Day 14 – 365 / January 14th 2015

Full time at Valley Parade and this my daughter, Bethany, moments after the full time whistle. I cannot decide if her expression is one of delight at the result, a very comfortable 4-0 win for our beloved Bradford City, or if it is of her amazement at just how magnificently our team played tonight.

Our opponents, Millwall, were torn apart by our boys. It was difficult to see how they will avoid relegation from The Championship down to League One. If we keep up our form we will very likely get promoted and replace them.

This picture is taken from our seats in the Kop and shows other delighted City fans.

All together now, “Midland Road, take me home to the place I belong, to the Valley, to see the City. Take me home Midland Road”.

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