My Ode to Parky.

In Parky We Trust

by @Gav_The_Bantam


Phil Parkinson, he is our man.

He’s lauded by all Bantams.

For others, who had come before,

Proved nothing, merely phantoms.

Despair and woe, The Decade of Hurt,

With players unworthy of our shirt.

PP came, swept that away,

Instilling passion to our play.

He is our king, our liege, our hero.

He dragged us up when we were zero.

Worth every praise, each accolade.

He is Sir Phil, Lord of Valley Parade.

In years to come his name will be

Writ large in Bradford history.

Wembley twice, crack penalty takers,

Promotion with “The History Makers”.

Let’s not forget Phil’s backroom squad.

To miss them out would be quite odd.

There’s Parkin and Ducky. Nick Allamby

Who keeps players fit to minute 93.

We fans adore him all year round

To May from early August.

Our motto is proudly claimed

“In Parky we will trust”

Of course Phil’s made the odd mistake,

Poor signings there have been.

But, on the whole, they’ve gelled ‘reet well.

Alright, let’s forget, striker (?) Aaron McLean.

Parky’s restored faith and belief,

Pride once more in our City.

For, let’s be frank, before he came,

We were really very


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