Day 15 – 365


Day 15 – 365 / January 15th 2015

When I am not masquerading as a moustachioed writer/reader/blogger/snapper or when I’m not up to various shenanagins concerning Bradford City, I can be found at my day job. Don’t ask what it is, it’s probably very dull to you. Often it is dull to me.

To do my (mysterious) job, I need various implements and tools. And these sometimes need replacing. Following an incident in which I nearly lost a limb (well, it was a very deep cut), my tool belt/pouch was damaged by one of my scalpels. So, yesterday, I bought a new tool pouch and some other bibs and bobs.

The bibs were three new tape measures to replace ones that have seen better days – and you can never have enough tape measures in my view – and I do like a nice tape measure. The bobs were some new squeegees and three new scalpel handles. As with tape measures, you can never have too many scalpels. Or squeegees it seems.

This picture is of them in their lovely, shiny newness.

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