Day 7 – 365 – #JeSuisCharlie (Additional 365 project image)


Day 7 – 365 / January 7th 2015

***Additional image***

Following the atrocity that took place today in Paris, I wanted to create an additional image for my “365” project. An image that reflected the loss of the journalists, artists and policemen who were killed and to show support for the right to a free press and for freedom of speech that is intrinsic to every sane, rational, humane and democratic society.

To that end, I have attempted to show twelve black pencils to represent each of the twelve victims of Paris amid a host of white pencils. The white pencils represent the rest of us standing alongside them; standing in support, solidarity and sorrow. Standing, also, in defiance against those who wish to attack our right to free speech and to free thinking.

Yes, in reading that back I know that it sounds pretentious nonsense. But, it isn’t easy to put into words what I mean and feel. I hope that the picture conveys my intention far better than my words can.

**Image taken and edited on iPhone 5s.

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