Day 7 – 365

Processed with Moldiv

Day 7 – 365 / January 7th 2015

I had a very different image in my mind for Day 7 of my “365” project. In fact, I had already taken the picture this morning in readiness for posting tonight. However, todays’ horrific events in Paris have been hard to shake from my mind.

I do not claim to be the most original thinker around, indeed far from it, and so, here, is my version of the “Je Suis Charlie” image that the world was, tragically, introduced to after this heinous and vicious act.

R.I.P. to the twelve victims and the five thus far named.

Bernard Maris   *   Georges Wolinsky   *  Jean Cabut   *  Stephane Charbonnier   *  Bernard Verlhac

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