Day 225 – 365

 Day 225 – 365 / August 13th 2015

Do you like this?

This is what I have spent the past few days producing, preparing and installing on site for a client.

I cannot lay claim to the logo design as the client did that themselves. But, I produced and applied the graphics to this front door and window along with various other internal graphics; mirrors, menu boards, counter fronts etc.

This effect is all create using sign vinyls. The exterior of the glass has “pixie dust” vinyl to it and the interior of the glass has a standard frosted vinyl. I did is this way as it was the best way to produce a two toned logo in a single type of vinyl (the logo outer cog and text is a darker colour with the spokes a tint of that colour).

Doing it this way has helped to create a visually striking 3D effect on the glass.

You can see my van in the reflection!

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