Day 205 – 365

 Day 205 – 365 / July 24th 2015

Friday 24th, the day before my 47th birthday.

I’ve had quite a good day so far, Liam has booked me in at Wayne Anthony’s as a birthday treat to get my barnet and beard tidied and looking presentable. I’ve done a few hours of work, booking in jobs, designing (and then amending) a sign for a client, discussing a new job with further clients and making appointments for next week.

Then, Sarah and Bethany took me out for a pre-birthday and pre-theatre late lunch. We went to The Richard Oastler, the Wetherspoons pub in Brighouse. Wetherspoons isn’t my favourite place to eat, it’s alright at a push, nothing more or less. Though it does do a reasonable coffee. Anyway, today I had fish and chips and the chips came completely frozen, not just cold but you could feel how cold they were and they had icicles inside. I sent the whole lot back and asked for a new meal not just replacement chips. By the time the replacement came, Sarah and Bethany had finished theirs and, despite the replacement being quite tasty, the whole meal was a disapointment.

Except that is for this picture on the wall of our booth. One thing the Richard Oastler does do that I like is it showcases bits of history from Brighouse of the past. This appears to be an advert from the early 1930′ s for a local engineering firm. I especially like the chap in it, courageously tackling a fire whilst besuited and wearing a hat. The whole design is fab.

This is probably the best thing about the pub.

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