Day 204 – 354

 Day 204 – 365 / July 23rd 2015

I was working at Valley Parade today, installing graphics (as per yesterday’s “365” image). They look fab, incidentally, so be sure to cast a glance at the 1911 club and marvel at my handiwork.

Whilst there, Bethany (my trusty apprentice for the day) and I popped around the stadium to take a look at all the new signage in the stadium form our usual seats. We were encouraged to by Bradford city CEO, James Mason, so we weren’t breaking any rules!

En route to our seats we spotted this sad specimen laying in the bottom corner of the Kop, just being the right hand corner flag (as seen form pitch side). It was a little bit “mummified” and I assume it had passed away up in the roof space somewhere above Valley Parade and been dislodged during windy weather to take it’s final, tragic, flight earthwards.

I hope it is not a premonition of a disappointing season ahead for my beloved Bantams.

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