Day 197 – 365

Day 197 – 365 / July 16th 2015

I spotted this little chap as I returned from a local job lettering a vehicle in Mirfield.

I’d just spent the previous three hours applying graphics the both sides, bonnet and rear doors of a Mercedes Sprinter van for a client. The sun was high in the sky and blazing down on me, my new hat was keeping me shaded as I worked. My little pocket DAB radio and the boys on Test Match Special were keeping me up to date as Australia began to build a huge first innings lead over England on the first day of the second Ashes test. Lovely.

And then, driving home, I spied this beauty. I parked up and trotted back along the roadside to snap him before he flew off. He showed no signs of wanting to take flight and appeared to be as content in the midday sunshine as I had been. He was a little distance away and I can’t be certain, but I do believe he had his headphones on and was enjoying TMS too.

What a beautiful way to spend the morning earning your living. Perfect, apart from those pesky Aussies.

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