Day 196 – 365

Day 196 – 365 / July 15th 2015


The footwear on the left, my oh so comfy, trusted and claret and amber themed Doc Marten’s, have had to be put to one side for a few days in favour of the monstrosities on the right.

Why? Well, this is where the yukkiness appears, I’ve been experiencing some lower limb (i.e. foot) health issues and the flippity floppity, turqoise fiends have been pushed upon me by Sarah.  I have been instructed to wear them wherever possible.

Will it be of any benefit? We shall see.

As you can see, I have been trying to interest Elphie The Mini Schnauzer Puppy to savage them and chew them up. She does with most things but seems reluctant to entertain these. Shame.

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