Day 148 – 365

 Day 148 – 365 / May 28th 2015

Anyone wondering what exactly I do for a living may be interested in today’s image.

This is what I do. Well, it’s part of what I do amongst other, related and complimentary activities such as signage, printing, graphics and such like. Here I have taken the logo and information supplied by a new client and designed graphics to go on his car – an Audi A3 I think. Once the design is approved, sometimes following a revision or two, I produce the graphics myself and apply them to the vehicle. Mostly it is commercial vehicles – vans, pickups, wagons etc – that I work on but I do a lot of work on cars too. Often they are the ones that can look quite striking as the graphics can be worked over the body contours in unusual ways as shown here.

Anyone interested in something similar may like to visit my company site at Kramers Designs and view our portfolios on Facebook.

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