Day 74 – 365

Day 74 – 365 / March 15th 2015

In the late summer and early autumn of 2014, I had my garage converted into an office; somewhere to work undisturbed and to see clients. It’s also proved handy as somewhere to stash all those pesky files, piles of papers and the associated detritus of running a business.

Today I soing a little time in tidying up my desktop and rearranging several bits and bobs. Moving some pictures into positions where I can see them whilst working; what’s nicer than the lovely Nigella watching over while you work? This is a snapshot just after j had tidied up. It shows a few, OK, five, of my tape measures (see an earlier “365” project entry) and a photo of my late grandfather, James Dimmock, is blu-tacked to my Mac.

The screen shows a quick, fun, design I did that features the author Tina Seskis; it was done following a brief, throw-away comment, in a Twitter thread between us, in which I stated Tina had been quite like a politician in one of her responses.

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