Day 73 – 365

Day 73 – 365 / March 14th 2015

I’ve been wanting to visit a proper, traditional barbers for a little while now in order to get my ‘tache and beard trimmed and shaped correctly.

To that end, I had been searching on-line for one and had found a few in Leeds. Whilst not that far away, Leeds isn’t particularly convenient for me really. I then remembered the new(ish) barbers at Hipperholme – just a few minutes drive away. If appears they do attend to beards and ‘taches and are, in fact, award winners at it.

So I popped to see them today. If I’d a nice establishment, done in the style of a gentleman’s club; leather chairs and sofas, good music playing, the barbers decked out in shirts, ties and waistcoats. All rather nice.

After having my trim, I sat drinking a coffee and flicking through GQ magazine when I saw this advert. I cannot recall who it was for (the power of advertising, eh?), but rather liked the sentiment.

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