Day 51 – 365

Processed with Moldiv
Day 51 – 365 / February 20th 2015

Now this, the 51st image in my “365” Project, is one that I am very happy with.
If you have been reading any of my recent blog entries then you will know that I am involved in a project to raise funds for the Bradford Burns Unit in this, the 30th anniversary of the Bradford City Fire. A friend, Jeremy White and I have commissioned and designed a fabric in Bradford City colours that is being made into flat caps. These caps are being sold and ALL the profits are to be donated to the Burns Unit.
Tonight I collected a sample of the cloth. Until now all we had was a computer image of the design and samples of the yarns to be used in it. But at last I have the actual cloth! And very excited and pleased with I am too.
I hope you like it as well.
Why not buy a cap and help us raise funds?

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