Chapter 4…..Is it really needed?

DSC_8101After last weeks barnstorming, rip-roaring, whirling Dervish start to my novel, I’ve hit that bit where I cannot clearly see the next bit of the story.

That’s right, I am ashamed to admit, but Chapter 4 (aka The Fourth Chapter) is proving to be an awkward little scamp; how do I get from A to C, avoiding B yet introducing other alphabet based characters. Chapters 1 through 3, not forgetting the rather splendid Prologue, were a breeze. Dare I say it, a delight! And they have been met with enthusiastic responses from The Lab Rats. Yet the fourth is beginning to resemble a truculent teenager and is refusing to yield to my command. What will my team of rats say when their next instalment fails to materialise in a timely manner?

As I am new to this malarkey of writing “The Next Great American Novel”, does anyone know if is acceptable for me to miss out Chapter 4 completely and simply go straight from Chapter 3 to Chapter 5?

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