The Lab Rats.

imagesHeck. Is it only 10 days (and 30 plus years) since I decided to write the next great American novel? Doesn’t time whizz by when you’re busy?

My Lab Rats will this morning be opening their inboxes and eagerly devouring the third chapter (that’s three chapters AND a prologue – so technically FOUR chapters) of my opus. Their thoughts thus far are very encouraging. I have yet to receive any death threats demanding I stop writing although, I suppose, they may come at some stage.

But, buoyed by their enthusiasm, I am pressing on.

PS – the Lab Rats consist primarily of family and friends so I cannot comment on their impartiality.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia Dimmock says:

    Checking my inbox regularly for the next chapter.

  2. You should have received it earlier today.

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