Vibes. And positive ones at that.

imagesWhadya know?

My “Taste Test Team” have reported back with their initial views on the first two chapters of my *ahem* great novel. (Or, short story. Anyway, at worst, two chapters).

We already know that you are well informed, highly educated and intelligent folk. After all, you read The Moustachioed Reader (possible name change to The Moustachioed Reader/Writer. As yet undecided). Therefore, the title of this blog entry may have given you a clue as to the verdicts so far elicited from my group of innocent lab rats.

The low down…the word…the buzz on the street…(I’m really struggling to be hip and “down with the kids”. I’m 46 for Heaven’s sake. Plus, who wants to be down with the kids? Little bleeders.) Anyway, the vibe is that they enjoyed it, were interested enough at the end of the first chapter  (which I’ve fancily titled “PROLOGUE”. I used capitals and everything) to read as far as the end of chapter two! And, get this, they are keen, eager even, for more.

So, that’s encouraging.

Isn’t it?

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