They’re a bit like buses.

imageWell, hot on the heels of Monday’s very first chapter, guess what loped across the finishing line yesterday. You’ve guessed it (you are very clever followers of this blog, only the best followers for The Moustachioed Reader – should that be changed to The Moustachioed Reader/Writer?) “Chapter Two” is here.

A bit like buses these chapters. I’ve waited years to start my novel and then, BANG!, not simply one chapter but, BANG! BANG!, two of them. Just like that. Over 1,500 words, several of them quite long ones too, and a shade over 10 pages thus far.

Of course, I spent much of last night re-reading what I’d got onto paper (dammit, iPad) and then tinkering with it. I think the writerly term for this is “honing” or, maybe, “polishing”. Either way, it kept me occupied until a little before 2am. But, dear blog follower (we must come up with a suitable collective name for you, akin to Taylor Swift’s “Swiftys”), my pen awaits and the muse is calling me. Or, to be more specific Liverpool versus Real Madrid is about to kick off on TV.

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