LR#16: “Honeyville” by Daisy Waugh

BwMPuUxIUAE1DT4.jpg-largeFriday, September 19.

I dropped my copy of this magnificent read into the bathroom sink last night. The sink contained a bundle of clothes that were soaking….as are the edges of the book now. Still, wet or dry, this is an ace book. Am currently part way through.

I love the proposed cover too. Very evocative and the woman  shown has just the right amount of mystery and sexiness to reflect the two leading characters. Bravo to the artist.

Thursday,  September 11.

So far, I have read about 50 pages (correction, 71 pages) of this novel. It is a cracker thus far. The first chapter had me hooked; it was incredibly intriguing and with so much promise of the tale to come, the characters were immediately engaging too. I’m engrossed and excited by the adventure that awaits.

Having finished S.J. Watson’s rather splendid “Before I Go To Sleep” in the early hours of this morning, I will soon be turning my attention an advanced reader copy, very kindly provided by the wonderful people at LoveReading, of this new tale by Daisy Waugh.

The book is due for publication in November 2014 by Harper Collins. My review for LoveReading will appear here before then.

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