LR#16: “Honeyville” by Daisy Waugh

BwMPuUxIUAE1DT4.jpg-largeWhat a read! What an absolute sheer delight.

I was gripped by this tale right from the initial words, which, to me, are reminiscent of the first line of “Rebecca”. The first chapter introduces us to Dora and Max as they meet for the first time after 20 years, the author drops in some very intriguing and thought provoking clues that whets the appetite for the adventure ahead.

The story begins with a chance encounter between Dora and Inez, a high-class hooker and a lady born to high class, as they witness a violent murder in Trinidad, Colorado in 1913. Thus begins a great friendship set amidst the turmoil that the murder wreaks upon their frontier town.

Daisy Waugh is a novelist new to me and, following this delightful book, I shall be certain to read her again. She writes with such an easy style and grace and creates characters who endear themselves immensely to the (at least, this) reader. The warmness felt between Dora and Inez and the tension created by their very different roles in society and the events that transpire are vividly brought to life and sparks the readers imagination to learn more about the historical background events. Waugh makes Dora and Inez such wonderful characters that you truly root for them. With its larger cast of villains and heroes, the town of Trinidad was brought to life for me.

If I haven’t nailed my colours firmly to the mast already, here is my opinion of “Honeyville”…READ IT TODAY!


My Rating: 4.5* out of 5.0*

Publication Date:  December 2014

Published by: Harper Collins

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