Day 84/365

A day of power washing the patio and general tidying ahead of me, so I wore my work jeans. The thing is, are they right on trend? I see lots of ripped denim on folk when I am out and about. I just wonder if the paint stains one my pair are too fashionable. Or,…

Day 83/365

This is the gate I made for Ma and Pa. Installed today after weeks of bad weather and unavailability delaying proceedings. If I say so myself, it looks rather nice. What’s more, it even fits the space! I must have measured it correctly. Good job as I checked my measurements on three occasions. Ma and…

Day 82/365

Finally! After days of confusion and worry caused by IT issues at the AXS website, today we received our email and confirmation of our tickets for Country 2 Country 2019. An image of my camera bag and its new C2C patch to celebrate.

Day 81/365

I spent yesterday and today building a fence and gate at the Ma-In-Law’s. It was a dual purpose exercise as she was having some windows replaced and wanted to be away from the house so that her puppy wouldn’t get in the way. I had volunteered, been volunteered?, to be there to supervise. And, coincidentally,…

Day 79/365

Six and a half eggs today from our ladies. Well. Six normal sized and one small egg.

Day 78/365

Elphie The Mini Schnauzer Puppy in full “I’m tired, daddy” mode.

Day 77/365

Some new additions to my Billingham camera bag were added today.

Day 76/365

It snowed again late this afternoon and into the night. Elphie is poking her head through the curtains and blinds keeping a watchful eye on it.

Day 75/365

I was mooching around the bookshelves in the room at Halifax’s new library where we meet for our writers group and came across this intriguingly tilted volume. It was locked inside a glass case.

Day 74/365

Today I oversaw the fitting of the stairs and hallway carpet at Bethany and Liam’s. The finished article really complements and sets of their hard work over recent weeks.

Day 73/365

A pre-match meal and pint with Bethany and Liam. Actually, this pint of Saltaire Onyx was supped while I waited for them to arrive!