Day 94/365

Yesterday I discovered yet another orphan sock. Happily though, today he was reunited with his twin. Happy socks.

Day 93/365

Cold, grey skies and a bird – a pigeon, I fancy – sits in the tree behind our house.

Day 92/365

Easter Monday, a time usually associated with the renewal and rebirth of nature as spring unfolds, and we have yet more snow. Thankfully, this was all gone by early afternoon

Day 91/365

Following this bus today, I was taken by the idea that 688 is the number of the bus. I know, it’s a poor play on words, but it amused me enough to snap a picture.

Day 90/365

This chap – apparently he is a character from A Game of Thrones, not that I watch that programme or, indeed, can recall his name – was one of the “scarecrows” in the inaugural Hove Edge Scarecrow Festival held over the weekend.

Day 89/365

My friend, Steve, and his family came up from London for the Easter weekend. Of course they came to see us but a large part of their trip was for Steve and his sons, Dan and Scott, to watch their club, Leyton Orient, play an away match at Guiseley FC. Despite me living in the…

Day 88/365

A trip to the garden centre with my daughter today. In total we bought twenty bags of compost, soil and composed landscaping bark. So much so that I was a tad worried my van might not be able to move with them all in. It did!

Day 87/365

Some of the pages from my last “365” project in 2015.

Day 86/365

Here is the cover of the book I had printed for my last “365” project back in 2015. I did begin another one in 2016 but found that I missed too many days to make it an accurate project. I am determined to not fail in 2018!

Day 85/365

Today I lettered two vans for a long standing and repeat client. I enjoy doing his work and today, down a little country lane at his storage depot, with the lovely, warm spring weather, it was a good job to do.

Day 84/365

A day of power washing the patio and general tidying ahead of me, so I wore my work jeans. The thing is, are they right on trend? I see lots of ripped denim on folk when I am out and about. I just wonder if the paint stains one my pair are too fashionable. Or,…

Day 83/365

This is the gate I made for Ma and Pa. Installed today after weeks of bad weather and unavailability delaying proceedings. If I say so myself, it looks rather nice. What’s more, it even fits the space! I must have measured it correctly. Good job as I checked my measurements on three occasions. Ma and…

Day 82/365

Finally! After days of confusion and worry caused by IT issues at the AXS website, today we received our email and confirmation of our tickets for Country 2 Country 2019. An image of my camera bag and its new C2C patch to celebrate.

Day 81/365

I spent yesterday and today building a fence and gate at the Ma-In-Law’s. It was a dual purpose exercise as she was having some windows replaced and wanted to be away from the house so that her puppy wouldn’t get in the way. I had volunteered, been volunteered?, to be there to supervise. And, coincidentally,…