Day 71/365 (2018)

Today we paid a visit to the grave of my uncle, Charles Geoffrey Dimmock.

Charles died in April 1946 at a little under one year of age and, obviously, I never met him. Just before Christmas 2017, my wife and I contacted Brent council to enquire if they could help us to locate his grave. I never actually anticipated them being able to find it but, not only did they have a record of it, they provided heaps of help.

Charles had been laid to rest in a communal plot with other, unrelated, persons. The gravesite is unmarked and is simply a patch of grass. I do not know if any family members have visited it since he was buried. To my knowledge, no one has ever visited.

It was a very poignant visit for me, despite Charles dying over twenty years before I was born and I was grateful for the heavy skies and constant rain that fell on my face while I said hello and goodbye to my uncle.

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