Little Fridge Light

*i know that today is a Tuesday and you are all hankering after my latest “Rubbish Poem”, but this little poem is demanding to be told and is simply too important to be missed. And, as is the case with all the really good stuff you like, this poem is “based on true events”.*

Oh, little fridge light

Where do you go?

Oh, little fridge light

We miss you so,

When the door closes

And darkness falls

What do you do inside

Your white good walls?

Do you shine on

The eggs and cheese?

So they can dance around

The shelves with ease.

Does brightness follow

Where’er you go?

Do tomatoes thrive under

Your healthy glow?

It’s good to know

You are always near,

Just keeping cool

Beside my beer.

And when I reach for milk

To pour a cup,

Oh, little fridge light

You brighten the whole world up.

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