A Quiet Spring

**Shortly after the country went into “Lockdown”, Ilkley Literature Festival put up some writing prompts on their website and the inspiration for Week 2 was “A Quiet Spring”.

I took a slightly different tack to some of the others that were sent.



Newlywed, devoid of means,

They pine, like sex-starved,

Love-struck teens,

At his parents’ small house

In his childhood room,

On a single bed that squeaks

And dampens their “va-va-voom”.


Newlywed, burning with fire,

Not wanting parents, in-laws,

Overhearing their desire

They wait and fret,

Their faces frown.

Frustrated, hungry,

Love trapped in lockdown.


Newlywed, too shy to risk at night

Audible evidence of

Fresh married delight,

They wait, grow tetchy

And evermore vexed.

A honeymooning bride and her groom

Both oversexed.


One Tuesday, shortly after lunch,

The doorbell rings, his parents smile,

“It’s for you, we’ve a hunch”.

In the drive our young lovers find

The most marvellous thing,

A double bed, brand new, with

A quiet spring.

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