“Messenger” by Craig Johnson. (Walt Longmire #08.2)

*Read on 12th September 2018

Craig Johnson delights us, yet again, with another visit to Absaroka County, Wyoming to spend time with our favourite sheriff. As a bonus, we get treated to some fine sweary comic quips from Vic along the way.

08.75 Messenger 01

“Messenger” is another Longmire short story. Yet it doesn’t involve a mystery and no crime has been committed that needs to be solved. It is simply a lovely visit to Longmire’s world. And it is quite possibly the funniest story, short or full length, in the entire collection to date.

Returning with his best friend, Henry Standing Bear, and his under-sheriff, Victoria Moretti, from a fishing trip, Longmire receives an urgent call for help from forest ranger, Chuck Coon. Arriving at the scene of the incident, our three favourites find Chuck and an attractive woman stranded on the roof of a portable toilet, a toilet that is surrounded by a hungry bear and her cubs.

So begins the fun and Longmire soon finds himself meeting a creature who may have been sent to him bearing a message from The Camp of The Dead.

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