Day 27/365 (2018)

This is the screen on my Mac moments after I submitted my entry for the Northern Writers’ Awards for 2018.

The deadline isn’t until 2359 on February 1st and, therefore, I had a few more days grace. But, I’ve been working hard on the extract of my novel that I am hoping will be successful and I felt it was ready today. I’ve redrafted and polished it as well as I can. If I work any further on this piece then I risk the possibility of “over working” it and making it less than I intend.

So, just after lunch time today, I uploaded my document and hit the submit button.

Oh, I did have a moment of terror just before I hit the button when, on a final check of the particulars of my entry, I noticed that I had actually been filling in the entry for the poetry category and not for narrative prose. That would have been a disaster!

But, crisis averted in the nick of time. Literally.

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