Day 19/365 (2018)

Today’s pic is an early posting from me.

A trip down memory lane for me today. Dad and I have called to see my grandparent’s old house in Harold Hill, Romford; they lived there at 16 Melksham Gardens from the early 1950s until my Nan’s death in 1996.

The house sign was put up by my grandad so long ago that my recollection is of it always being there. Whenever we visited Doris and Jim, as we approached the house, the sign was cheering and proof we were home.

The house holds very fond memories for me and, despite my joy at revisiting it from the outside, I can’t help but feel sad.

I did knock on the door and ask permission, and explain, from the current occupants.

I cannot express how much I miss my grandparents even after nearly than thirty years.

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