Day 01/365 (2018)

A few years back, on January 1st 2015, I undertook my “365 Project” – to take one picture each day for the whole of that year and, once completed, print the images in a small album for posterity.

I snapped the pictures on my iPhone and found the project was enjoyable to do. Some days the opportunities for images were ten a penny, other days proved more challenging to achieve a picture that didn’t repeat an earlier one in style or subject and content.

When I look back at the images, they remind me of the events, some fleeting and transitory, others more significant or startling, that I came across that year. Most of the events or places would likely have slipped from my memory without the pics I snapped; my memory is shocking!

Daft things, poignant moments, momentous times following my football team and pics of my mutts were some of the snaps I took. Some pictures were good, others less so. One or two I’m even quite pleased with. All of them evoke memories.

So, as it is January 1st again, I’m doing the 365 project this year.

Here’s my image for Day 01/2018

The Christmas tree from the lounge dismantled and ready for its box until December.

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