Day 363 – 365

Day 363 – 365 / December 29th 2015

 Today’s picture is of the rear of my driving licence – I’m not showing the front as the info could be used to impersonate me. And, do you really want two of me out there? Roaming the towns and lurking in the hedgerows? No, you don’t.

Anyway, this is my paper licence. My only licence. I do not have one of the new fangled plastic ones. Why? Well, I have had this one since we moved to our home in January 1991 and have had no need to send it away for any updates or amendments. No points have been added – or removed – as I have not incurred any. And so, a paper licence remains in my wallet.

The licence is a bit battered and the creases are tearing but I am quite proud of the little chap.

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