Day 235 – 365

Day 235 – 365 / August 23rd 2015

I have booked in again with Tommi for some more ink work on my (second) sleeve. So, on September 10th as my lovely wife cruises The Med with her mother, I will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary by getting tattooed in Manchester.

Today’s “365” is from an image I have been “roughing” up for the pin-up girl I want to add to my sleeve (so forgive the rough edges – I have vectorised a JPG image to allow me to work on it – the finished inked version will be smoother). I am considering having this girls face replaced with that of the Lovely Nigella (Lawson).

The wording on the Jack Daniel’s label I might have replaced with the words “Valley Parade”, even though most of that will be hidden behind the pin-up. As you may have spotted, the labels is in my favourite colours of claret and amber to reflect my passion for my team. I like my ink to show my love of Bradford City AFC but in a way that is more subtle than having the club crest on my skin. My other pin-up girl, based on the American actress Mary-Louise Parker, wears a bikini in claret and amber stripes and is the main image on my “Two City’s” sleeve – Bradford City and New York City.

IMG_5165 marylouiseparker-weeds01482934_10200331999360191_849971500_n

The sleeve will have the addition of various stamps I have created to look like passport style stamps. Each one will have the date and name of a place I have visited and the pin-up will be my passport official.

That’s the idea anyway!

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