Day 213 – 365

 Day 213 – 365 / August 1st 2015

The joy of socks!

I do like socks. Good quality, warm and cosy socks. And socks that support your feet and toes well.

I admit to being somewhat conservative in my selection of socks; while I enjoy bright colours and bold patterns on some of my socks, I’m not a huge fan of “novelty” socks with slogans and such on them. I do have a few pairs with moustaches on and a fine pair graced by Animal from The Muppets but, on the whole, my sock selection is reserved.

Anyway, as any sock aficionado will testify, ones sock drawer needs occasional tidying to keep everything in order. So that’s what I spent an hour or so doing today. And here is the organised result of my labours.

Sadly, I have to report that six socks were discovered to be orphans during my work and I await to see of the corresponding partners turn up in due course for these few unfortunate socks.

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