Day 185 – 365

Day 185 – 365 / July 4th 2015

July 4th. The Fourth of July. Independence Day.

Whatever way you say it, it is a cracking day on which to be Stateside and to witness the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” as they celebrate their freedom from tyranny and oppression from, disappointingly, us British. But hey ho, the United States adopted the Declaration Of Independence on this day back in 1776 and I’ve got over any animosity that may have lingered from that conflict in the intervening 239 years.

So it was, when Sarah and I planned this vacation late last year, that we specifically booked to come to Nashville to join in the fun. I have long wanted to be in America when they celebrate their main holidays and, despite four previous visits to their shores, I’ve yet to coincide with any of them.

Until now.

We enjoyed a late breakfast, brunch really, at Puckett’s Groceries on the corner of 5th and Church Street, Nashville. This was our third consecutive breakfast there. Why? Well, an all you can eat breakfast buffet for $12.00 is good value. Not just for the amount you can eat if you wish but, rather for the huge variety on offer.

How about some yogurt, fruit and granola to start with? Then maybe some pancakes or French toast soufle, followed by biscuits, grits and gravy? Eggs, every breakfast is better with eggs isn’t it? So why not have some scrambled or mixed eggs too?  Of course sausage and bacon is a no brainer with any breakfast and they obviously need to go onto your plate.

Still have some room left? There is always the ham, quarter inch thick, and as succulent as you could wish for to be added. And you don’t want to miss the fired chicken do you? Fancy refreshing your palette after that lot? Then an array of sliced fruit is on hand to sweeten the deal. And to finish off alongside the never ending mug of coffee an array of small, but delicious, muffins might tempt you.

So, that was breakfast; a taste of everything, nothing to excess but everything sampled.

Then we strolled the short distance to The Ryman Auditorium to take in the sights and sounds of “The Mother Church Of Country Music”. The history of this magnificent building is fascinating, not only the musical heritage but, also, the how and why of it’s creation. It is well worth a visit if you are ever in Nashville. But, I suppose, if you’re visiting this city, then this is already on your itinerary.

We then wandered around the streets, heading to downtown and Broadway where the crowds were already gathering ahead of the music concert and fireworks display later that night. It was wonderful to see so many people, almost every person, was bedecked in some form of clothing in red, white and blue. If they weren’t wearing red, white and blue they were draped in some type of clothing bearing the Stars and Stripes. If any nation does patriotism better than Americans then I’ve not seen it. And, believe me, it wasn’t “gung ho” or showy. It was simply a love for, faith in and pride in being American.

I took the opportunity to snap away with my camera trying to capture the occasion.

As the afternoon turned into evening, the weather took a turn for the worse and rain began to fall. As the rain got more insistent, I succumbed to peer pressure and headed out from our chosen vantage point to secure two plastic ponchos. I’ve often seen these ponchos being worn at large sporting occasions and thought that the folk wearing them look like pratts. Well, it was worth looking a pratt in order to try* and stay dry. Besides, most everyone else was wearing one.

Today’s image is of Sarah in her natty yellow plastic poncho; I chose a red one in my attempt to install a version of claret and amber Bradford City style to the day. Despite being wet through and waiting several hours for what was the most sensational fireworks display I have, and probably will ever witness, we loved it. Wet through, sat on the road getting wet from bottom up and top down, and chatting to fellow visitors (from nearby Tennessee towns) whilst waiting to see 30 minutes of the loudest and most amazing pyrotechnics was a joyous event. I think this image captures some of that.

July Fourth? Nashville?

Love it.

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